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MOAK is an emerging spoken word artist from London best known for his raw, captivating and powerful pieces. His art covers various themes through his lens as a young black male. Using spoken word, which he describes as "a language to connect with people", MOAK guarantees to leave listeners with food for thought and a hunger for more material.


Far from artistic when growing up, MOAK developed an interest during his teens for battle rap, lyricism and spoken word which revealed a creative side of him he never knew existed. These particular influences explain his use of clever wordplay, punchlines and thought provoking lyrics.


Since picking up the pen MOAK has grown in his craft year on year which was recognised by the UK Entertainment Awards in 2018 when he was nominated for Best Poet of the Year. MOAK will be releasing his solo debut spoken word EP “This is Us” on 18th January 2019 which encapsulates the current experience and feelings of black people and the ethos behind why black lives matter.


“Trust Your Voice” is an ideology MOAK has embodied making him who he is today and will continue to adopt in order to push the spoken word art form to another level.